Can Hope and Change Really Transform a Nation?

For years I have been saying Liberal’s main goal is to divide people into groups. Why is that? Because as the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. If you want to take down a democracy and transform it, you first need to divide it. So how does one divide the greatest nation on the planet?

The best way to do this is through political correctness. Get people to be afraid to speak. Get people divided on every issue possible. Show them how they are a victim, and show them the group that made them that way and pit them against each other. Most people will find themselves in only a couple of groups, and as the government starts to attack these groups, people will not unite because no large majority will ever be affected at one time.

As a God fearing nation, the government will need to strip the people of their faith. It will need a representative party that will openly denounce their God. The government will need to strain and eventually sever ties with people of their God. It will need to attack them at every level with a most formidable weapon, tolerance. Attacking their holidays, their traditions, and everything that is sacred to them and show them that by observing these traditions they are by default attacking those not like them. Pitting them against each other until they fear speaking about their God in public places, until no trace of God can be found in its society.

The government will need to control of the media. For only with the control of the media can it hope to control the masses. People cannot be allowed to decide for themselves what to think as that is too dangerous. The government will need a propaganda machine in place that tells people what to be mad about, who to hate, and who to listen to and trust.

To keep the ball rolling, government needs to create policies that make the government indispensable. One way to do this is to make the market collapse, financial and housing for example, so it can strip the people’s wealth and make them dependent upon government assistance. Once a collapse is achieved, the government needs to stall and make the recovery take as long as it possibly can to achieve maximum effect.

The government will give corporations the ability to get out of their obligations like pensions and debt. It will give itself the ability to take over and control business and the financial institutions. After all, money is power. With the ability to manipulate wealth the government can insure the people will always be dependent upon them for protection.

From there the government needs to start to take apart the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The government might decide to give itself the power of punitive taxation, allowing the government to force people to behave in the ways that continues to serve the government’s best interests. It might create an agency that will randomly grab people and strip search and detain them. Insisting on seeing their papers and questioning their travel plans to get them accustom for what’s to come.

The government will find the need to create a private army, under its control and answering only to them. It will need to buy thousands of weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition to ready itself.

Once this private security force is in place, the government will need to give itself the ability to detain those that speak out, indefinitely and without representation. If the government can get the people to accept this then it can move on to giving itself the power to kill its citizens without trial or due process, with little or no burden of proof required. Under the guise of national security in concert with a controlled media, the people will be none the wiser as voices of decent are eliminated one by one.

Next will come the time to disarm the populace. The government will test the waters at the federal level but let states fight and win individual battles. It will win one victory at a time until eventually it has the entire nation as a gun-free zone, except for them, of course.

Once the government has a people that are only informed with the information they have given them, unable to survive without its assistance, accustom to search and seizure of self and property, unable to defend themselves, and stripped of their faith, can a government have a hope to change and transform the greatest nation in history.